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Welcome to Bloom by Rose! Everything that you will find here is geared towards helping you live a life aligned to your ultimate happiness, health and vitality.

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What sets us apart? Rather than looking at 1 isolated element of well-being, a combination is used of psychology, holistic nutrition, yoga, and consciousness to create an integral approach.

How do we do that? Two powerful signature programs are available. For personal attention to your needs, there is private coaching.


The first course, Upgrade, gives you the tools and techniques needed to level up your physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing, so you can be the best version of yourself.

Learn more about Upgrade!

Empath Empowered

For empaths and highly sensitive people, I have developed a program that teaches you to reframe empathy and empowers you to thrive as a sensitive person in a busy world.

Learn more about Empathy Reframed

Private Coaching

I offer 1-on-1 coaching in which we can completely focus on your specific situation and needs. Everyone is different, and we create the best results by looking at things from an integral, holistic perspective.

Learn more about Private Coaching

Here's what M.C. from Amsterdam had to say:

“Do you know that feeling of being in desperate need of SOMETHING? That feeling, something is lacking, but you don’t have any clue where to look? Please, go to Rose. I have never experienced anyone indicating needs so specifically and accurately. With Rose, you, your whole being and your needs are being seen – from the most loving point of view. On one of our phone consultations she gave me the advice and shared her observation I was looking for for ages. I never forget how safe she made me feel, and how she helped me to climb the mountain in front of me. Which I thought I would never have been capable to climb at all!

Rose sees you – more accurate than we can see ourselves sometimes – and sometimes, I think that is all we need to make steps forward.”

Vitality coach Rose van Ooijen


I believe that everybody deserves to live their best lives. To feel good in their bodies, clear and positive in the mind, experiencing joy, love and gratitude daily, and to know how to care for their personal energy.

Everyone deserves to be free from limiting belief systems, emotional spirals that they can’t get out of and habits that are sapping their zest for life.

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E.H., from The Hague, The Netherlands:

"Rose is an extraordinarily gifted teacher and coach. From the moment I met her, I found her to exude a serenity and wisdom that made me feel totally at ease. Her wisdom enables you to come the the core of the issue at stake. You will leave with the feeling of being truly seen and heard. A real gem, I highly recommend her!"

Natural healing, Rose van Ooijen