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Spring Cleaning (+ program offer)

Spring Cleaning (+ program offer)

Spring has officially arrived, and everything is shining in it’s most beautiful colours. As we leave behind the heaviness of winter, many of us find the desire to ‘get ready’ for spring and summer – we clean the house, open the windows, and start digging […]

Breathe Deep – Using Breath to Decrease Stress & Relax More

Breathe Deep – Using Breath to Decrease Stress & Relax More

The breath is a vital conduit of life force energy. Without it, we die. Within the body, the rate of our breathing is controlled by the respiratory centre in the medulla oblongata in the brain. This is guided by chemoreceptors in the large arteries that […]

A Message to all Empaths and Sensitives

A Message to all Empaths and Sensitives

Do you recognise yourself in any of these characteristics?

  • You have a strong sense of inner knowing – your intuition is always correct
  • You easily recognise other people’s discomfort
  • You feel like you can read people’s emotions as if they are your own
  • Likewise, you may take on physical symptoms of other people as if they are your own
  • You know when others are lying
  • Sometimes, you are quicker to know how someone feels than they are themselves.
  • People easily tell you intimate details about there lives, as you come across as kind and trustworthy
  • Crowded, loud places can feel overwhelming to you
  • You find it very difficult to be in areas with a lot of negative history attatched- like memorial grounds or sites of violence.
  • After spending time with someone who is feeling low or unhappy, you can feel drained and tired.
  • You can have a tough time letting go of unpleasantries
  • Frequent fatigue that you can’t always explain
  • You are drawn to healing, holistic therapies and spiritual concepts
  • You are creative
  • Strong love of nature and animals

There are many more traits to be found online, but if you said ‘yes’ to half of these or more, the chance is high that you are an empath or a highly sensitive person. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know what that means. A quick reminder: an empath is someone who easily reads the world through feeling and energy. Before they become aware of this, they may think that everything they feel is their own emotion and sensations. However, an empath is more likely feeling things from the people and places around them as if they were their own. This can range from emotions, to thoughts, to actual physical sensations.

Being highly sensitive often goes hand in hand with empathy, however, you can be a highly sensitive person (HSP) without being empathic. In that case, you are very perceptive, sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and different foods, as well as perceived rejection and failure, to name a few characteristics. According to dr. Elaine Aron, about 15-20% of the population (both human and animal!) are significantly more sensitive than the rest. The evolutionary reason for this trait, is that the most sensitive animals in the pack would be the first to notice potential danger, as well as sniffing out food and water.

Being an empath or a HSP is a wonderful thing. It offers many gifts and opens you up to the beauty of the world in an intensified way. However, for someone with these traits to be functioning optimally, awareness of the fact that this is even occurring is highly necessary. Without that, it can sometimes simply feel like life is overwhelming, and you don’t know what is happening within your own body.

Most of us, for the majority of our lives, are or have been unaware of the forces and dynamics at play when we experience confusing feelings or energies that we misunderstand.

I know how you feel.

Life can overwhelm you – people overwhelm you – your own mind can overwhelm you.

There was a point in my life when I spent a lot of time googling random physical symptoms, because I was experiencing so much incoherent sensations that I thought I must have fibromyalgia or some kind of disease. Little did I know, at that time, that I was feeling the sensations of those around me – even those that I was not physically close to, but connected to energetically nonetheless.

While this might sound like nonsense to some people, I have experienced many occasions in which this was directly confirmed. In the physical body, things like this would happen: I was with my boyfriend, and began to feel a sharp pain in my left knee. This never really happened to me, so I thought it was strange, but registered it as something to do with cycling (which we were doing at the time) even though I have done that for years without complaints. A few moments later, he tells me that his left knee is hurting. In the acknowledgement of the origin of the pain in my own body, it left immediately, because it was no longer useful (it’s purpose of having shown me the mechanics of empathy was fulfilled). Another example would be spending time with people who were very tired or had a headache, and leaving feeling drained and hurting myself, only to find out later that they were suffering from this.

Another example on the thought-level of empathy, is something that happened past summer while traveling on an aeroplane. The stewardess was coming down the aisle with the refreshment cart, and I found myself thinking that I’d like to order a tomato juice. This immediately struck me as very odd as I have never consumed nor desired a tomato juice in my life. Of course, a minute later, the gentleman in the seat in front of me ordered one. This kind of thing also occurs when we know what people are going to say before they do, or when we say something and they respond with “hey that’s exactly what I was thinking!”.

It was in these seemingly tiny and insignificant examples, when my intuition was validated, that I began to recognise the tremendous influence that this force has had on my entire life. Those times while I was working at the green grocers and suddenly felt a pain in my chest (and truly feared having a heart attack, as a healthy 16 year old), or sitting next to someone on the train and immediately feeling anxious and uncomfortable. No longer did I see those things as constant fluctuations and symptoms within my own physical body, but I recognised that all this time, I may have been picking up energy and information from the field of people I was around.

I feel very grateful to have had experiences in which the process at play was so obviously pointed out to me, so that I could no longer deny or suppress what was going on. In fact, it has helped me enormously to learn about this more, observe it in my body and treat the corresponding effects in a different way than before.

Now, when I feel things that are very sudden or very foreign to myself, rather than worrying about my health like I used to so frequently, I ask myself where this energy is coming from.

In some cases, there is a message involved that is intended to be passed on to the person from whom something was picked up, for example with regards to clients and loved ones. However, in the majority of cases, it is simply an effect of your own energy field being open to the degree that a lot of the messages in your vicinity can reach you, whether that is useful or beneficial or not.

In this case, there are two things that you can do. You can either simply acknowledge that this symptom or energy is not yours, and release it. Releasing can be done by declaring that it is so or through a visualisation of seeing it glide off your being (more methods to follow in blog or video). In addition, if you feel up to it, you can take the energy that you feel and transmute it into neutral earth energy or positive loving energy. For the former, visualise the energy traveling down your body, through the feet and deeply into the earth. Intend for the earth to dissipate the energy and neutralise it. For the latter, localise the energy in your body. On the inhale, visualise yourself gathering it into a ball or shape that resonates in your minds eye. On an exhale, visualise imbedding this energy with love and positivity and see it leave your field into the world as a newly transformed, loving frequency. The truth is that energetic work often is that simple, but practicing it consciously has a profound effect.

When we are born as sensitive, empathetic beings, we might experience a lack of boundaries and a profound openness that makes us incredibly prone to embodying what we observe in our environment. We see, model, and sometimes take on the energy of our parents, circumstance and influencing factors around us.

When we are unaware of what is occurring within us, we can feel ungrounded and unstable. A single, mildly unpleasant interaction is enough to take us off course for the rest of the day without us understanding why it happens. We simply conclude that we must be emotionally volatile or in poor physical health. This is exactly why awareness and discernment is so important – it is a key ingredient to reclaiming sovereignty over your own being.

This is why nature and animals are so incredibly balancing and healing to us. They offer a reflection of pure, neutral energy. They do not give us any kind of bagage. Rather, they allow us to purify our own frequency and unravel in their welcoming presence. Therefore, to all reading this I would offer this advice: practice consciously emitting and maintaining your own frequency. When you do take something unwanted on, try one of the methods above to transmute it. And in daily life, practice doing those things that bring you joy. The things that you naturally love doing. Remember to get in touch with nature. Stand barefoot in the grass or swim in the ocean. Anything that fills you with bliss and love.


– Rose

If you recognise yourself in the traits described in this post, and are struggling with them or would like help and guidance on how to embrace your gifts and learn helpful tools, reach out for 1 on 1 sessions to




On Letting Go

On Letting Go

“When you strip yourself bare of all that doesn’t serve you, all that isn’t you, you are left with the core of what you are. From here your unique talents, beauty, gifts and purpose will rise to the surface far more easily.” The other night, […]

7 Tips to Curb Cravings, Stop Binge Eating, and go for the Healthy Option Instead!

7 Tips to Curb Cravings, Stop Binge Eating, and go for the Healthy Option Instead!

In the previous post, I explained three of the most important mechanisms that cause the cravings that can be so detrimental to our health and ruin our dietary efforts. In order for us to start to live the lives we truly desire, in the bodies […]

WHY Cravings are so Strong – Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Them

WHY Cravings are so Strong – Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Them

Have you ever experienced cravings that were so strong, you felt like you momentarily lost control over your willpower and just had to give in? Yeah, me too. I think we all have.

Cravings for unhealthy foods are incredibly common, for a number of reasons.

First of all, many of the ‘junk foods’ that we crave, even though we don’t consciously want to eat them, are physically addictive to a degree. This has to do with the different components that make them up. Mostly: sugar, salt, and fat (have you noticed that you rarely have an unquenchable craving for cucumbers?). Then, to add insult to injury, lots of processed foods contain unnatural chemicals and flavour enhancers such as MSG – which is specifically designed to hook you to that specific food, suppress your satiety mechanisms and leave you coming back for more time and time again. This combination of sugar, salt and fat is incredibly stimulating to our nervous system and causes us to really enjoy that specific food. To learn more about this process, I highly recommend reading Dr. Doug Lisle’s book, the Pleasure Trap. Check it out here

The main cause for this is that our bodies are designed to seek out exactly that kind of food. After all, if there is ever a famine, we’d be better off if we had stocked up on chips, chocolate and cakes, compared to our neighbour who only had broccoli and spinach, because our foods would be much more calorically dense, thus providing the energy to keep us alive for longer. Not only that, the density of the foods would build up a layer of fat in and around our bodies which we could burn off for a while after we had run out of food.


This system works great – if you’re a hunter gatherer, living thousands of years ago. Nowadays, this biological wiring is causing tremendous problems in many peoples lives, as obesity rates rise and health issues related to obesity with it. When the only foods we had access to were fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and wild meat, it served us very well to be seeking out the juiciest, sweetest fruits (sugar), the freshest veggies (natural sodium) and search for nuts and prey (fat). Not only did this serve us well, we also expended a great deal of energy in the pursuit of our food. Compare this situation to the average options and lifestyle of an adult living in a city – there are thousands of food options available to us at any time. Everything ranging from fresh pressed juices to fastfood chains. You hardly have to lift a finger to obtain it, in fact, if you don’t feel like walking around the corner to pick it up, you can have it delivered to your door. Moreover, most of us have a sedentary job and thus spend the majority of the day sitting down.

In psychology, we call this an obesogenic environment, meaning that everything around us is basically geared towards, or facilitating, weight gain and obesity.

That might sound depressing, but the message is clear: if we want to live in a beautiful state of health and wellbeing, it is up to us to take matters in our own hands. Be the one who takes responsibility for your consumption and habits, and it is completely possible to thrive. 

A second, very important reason for cravings are the underlying emotional and psychological mechanisms that cause them. Food has the capacity to numb us, to momentarily lull our senses and to create temporary feelings of comfort and safety. Two words are key here: numb, and temporary. Numb, because this is exactly what happens when we consume a large amount of unhealthy food. The digestive system takes up so much of the body’s energy during and after eating, that we hugely diminish the resources available for feeling things like unpleasant emotions, worries, and nervousness. It makes our body more dense, more slow, more sluggish. We want to lie on the couch and do nothing for the rest of the day.

For highly sensitive people, this takes on a whole other dimension. The heaviness caused by certain foods can become an addictive antidote and number to all the incoming sensations we experience during the day. Fears, emotions we pick up on from other people around us or simply from the environment itself, and anxieties will be successfully smothered by a huge, dense meal. It can also cause a fabricated sensation of grounding due to the heaviness, which, for someone who feels challenged in that area, can be a momentary relief. From an energetic point of view, introducing something like a fastfood meal to your body, means consuming something of a low frequency, and thereby automatically lowering your own frequency as a whole. Although this is in general undesirable, it creates the numbing sensation that is sought after at times.

Then, the important aspect of temporary pleasure. Usually, when eating something delicious, we feel good about it and are enjoying the process. We might even enjoy the experience of being happily tired and full shortly afterwards. But inevitably, for most people, there comes a time after having consumed unhealthy foods when we feel sluggish, uncomfortable and possibly guilty for having eaten something we didn’t really want to. Rarely does the pleasant feeling extend for long after the meal. Especially if we are trying to eat healthy, perhaps lose weight or are highly aware of the repercussions of consuming the specific type of food we have chosen to eat has on our bodies. Positivity can be swiftly transformed into a disappointment with the self or the behaviour.

A third significant reason for cravings are that we are wired to act on habits. In order to conserve energy, our brains try to automate behaviour wherever possible. We link specific cues, such as surroundings, times of day, emotions, and even people to predetermined behavioural sequences. In general, this is a positive and useful thing – it’s what allows us to walk and brush our teeth without having to think about technique every time. However, it becomes a pain when sitting on the couch after a days work makes us crave chips, watching a movie makes us crave popcorn, and a specific time of day makes you crave your favourite snack with your coffee. It has been scientifically proven that habits, especially strong ones that have been present for a while, are difficult to break. One of the most important aspects to successfully changing habits is intention and awareness of what cause them in you.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing some of the best ways to curb cravings and make healthier choices instead.

If you would like personal guidance and help with understanding and conquering your cravings, while boosting healthy habits, check out my coaching page and send me an email at